Fractal Links and Tutorials (in alphabetical order)

These are some of my favourite links related to fractals. This list will grow as soon as more interesting sites are found, and I'll try to split them in categories when possible. If you want to have your fractal gallery added to this list of links, please send me an email. If possible, add a short description of the link as well. The links to galleries will be placed separatedly in this page as soon as there is a good number of links available. If you came here from another page, you are also welcome to visit my fractal galleries. A short disclaimer: I'm not responsible for the contents of any of these sites, neither I'm linked to any of these sites. I also haven't tested any of these online printing services (except when noted).

A Digital Manifesto

Apophysis Scripts - some useful scripts for Apophysis 2

Aros Fractals - a fractal generator for PC and Macintosh.

Articles for Artists - lots of links for artists (I haven't visited them all!)

Bioform for Windows - An evolutionary art software (requires POV-Ray to work).

Bring in the image - an utility for creating colouring algorithms for Ultrafractal using bitmaps. - Online printing service.

ChaosPro - Free fractal generator.

Copyright and digital images - a very interesting site explaining what is a copyright.

Dick Blick art materials - useful if you like to do your own framing.

Downloads of parameter files and formulas - By Marcelo Anelli. Here you can download parameter files for Fractint and for Ultrafractal, and some formula files.

EvoWeb - A portal with sites about evolutionary art.

Flarium24, Iterations, TieraZon, Sterlingware and many other fractal generators can be found here.

FractalExtreme - another fractal generator

Fractal FAQs - The full version from the Usenet newsgroup sci.fractals. My FAQ page covers some of these topics.

FractalGeneration - a fractal generator for Macintosh.

FractalPPC (freeware) and Fractal Domains (shareware) - fractal generators for Macintosh.

Fractal Softwares - a directory of them compiled by Paul N. Lee.

Fractal terrains in Bryce - How to make fractal landscapes in Bryce 2 and above.

Fractalus - Fractal art, info and contests - a lot of links to galleries and the Infinite Fractal Loop webring.

Fractint - A very nice fractal software generator, for DOS. This page is for the latest development version, not the latest official version which can be found here.

Gumbycat's Cyberhome - One of the best galleries.

Janet Parke galleries - Another great gallery of images.

Laser Show - funny but gets boring...

MagicCube 4D - MagicCube4D is a fully functional four-dimensional analog of Rubik's cube.

Molecular Expressions: The Pharmaceutical Collection - Microscopic images of drugs and other compounds. - A place where you can order prints of your images. I haven't used it, so I cannot tell how good it is.

Our earth as art - Images of several places of the planet that resembles fractals. - Another site where you can order prints.

Random Word Generator - I have used it quite often to name some of my images. Sometimes it's hard to come up with an original name.

Rendering Fractal Images using photographs - Not as easy as using the Bring-it-in utility, but also interesting results can be achieved. By Kerry Mitchell.

Renderosity - A graphics portal where you can post your own creations for other users to see and place comments. I'm a member of the "Fractal" section, and my nickname there is "marcusbacus". There is a link to my gallery in the first page.

Sample Copyrights statements - examples of how to add a copyright statement to your site.

Spangfract - fractal generator for Macintosh (links to a Yahoo group).

The Fractal Census - lots of information about fractal softwares and fractal artists all around the world.

Ultra Fractal 3 resource list - Everything you need to know about Ultra Fractal, one of the best fractal softwares.

XenoDream - A 3D fractal generator. Unfortunately, there is no available free demo. - And another site about prints.